About Me


visual artist based in champaign-urbana, illinois

graduated in may 2024 from the university of illinois, urbana-champaign with a BA in studio art with a concentration in photography, & minors in art history, east asian languages & cultures, & business

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artist statement

My work is focused on the visual portrayal of relationships; my romantic or familial relationships, strangers’ relationships, or my (and others’) relationships to popular culture and the world of art. I make the base assumption that people are curious to see the private details of the lives of others, and that in seeing those details people can make connections between the vulnerability of these individuals with the intricacies of their own lives. My work is image-based, and the subjects of my photographs are me, people close to me, or strangers whom I have connected with intently for creating images. Confrontation is an important theme in each of my conceptual projects, as is the pursuit of creating auratic photographic objects that cannot be reproduced. Through self-portraiture I confront my physical insecurities and create new forms by bending and shaping own figure. I am influenced by photographers who use the human body as a form that can be twisted into unnatural shapes and positions that visually relate to something other than itself. In my work these forms are sometimes mutated through digital collage and incorporation of physical collage with projection.

looking glass

My work alters its relation to figure when the subjects are strangers. When photographing couples who I am not familiar with, I focus on creating intimacy and vulnerability through a mix of directorial imaging and candidness. I am not interested in utilizing nudity to substitute for intimacy, it can be conveyed in subtler ways. Being in the presence of someone holding a camera alters the way you perform. I find that explaining the emotional goals of a project and letting the subjects act accordingly through their interpretation of my intent results in more compelling images than explicitly directing their movement, though directing motions is necessary at times. I see artistic value in photographing those with no relation to me when their existence alone creates discussion. Value can also be found in publicly dissecting topics that receive brief, generalized analyzations in online spaces; depiction of sexual assault in media, gay marriage in foreign countries that are seen as technologically advanced, and the creation of art within the time constraints of an educational institution.

just taking a break

Installation lies at the center of my work, as does the creation of singular images that possess aura. Through curating my exhibitions, I experiment with the material on which images are printed, sewing images together or images onto larger collages, the relationship between still and moving image, wall and frame color, and audio-based time art. A photographic object that results from the physical intervention of the hand and cannot be identically reproduced is more interesting to me than a standard print. The experience of viewing an image hung on a wall can be transformed when audio also occupies the space. I take advantage of this transformation by playing music and/or spoken-word recordings that aid in the conceptual nature of the specific installation. I plan to experiment with leveraging image transfers onto non-traditional, non-static materials and with creating my own audio tracks from scratch to further enhance the singularity of my work.