From September 2022 through May 2023 I studied abroad in the Hyogo region of Japan. While my undergraduate major is studio art with a concentration in photography, I also pursued a minor in East Asian languages and cultures with a focus in Japanese. During my time in Japan I was largely focused on studying Japanese language and culture, but still devoted time to photography and art conceptualization/creation.

aki monet hillside soft grass summer day day shift gondola roses gremlin handful wave jizo baby kannon
vroom slosh lab walkway dripdrop motorcycle uzu arima onsen eki okaasan leafy yoshitakaya bell nakayamadera
countryside rained out yasumi pink flower whiteout master of the forest fresca picnic crispy forest pagoda dandelion smize totoro
sliding door temple buzzz peace peepaw meow strange glow tobacco scrap jacked umbrellas crab shack many eyes